Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I love butterflies!!  They are so pretty and they float thru the air with such ease!  I made this two page layout with some pictures of butterflies from my backyard.  I had bought some parsley plants with teeny tiny little catterpillars on them and we kept them safe until they came out as Black Swallowtails.  I used a lot of different Die-Versions dies for this layout.  First I used the Big Butterfly Whispers for the left hand page. I also used the Chick Flick Font on both pages  I also used the dragonfly and bee Wee Petites  and the Sweet Petites Bugs Life border for the bottom of the right hand side of the layout. for the month and year on the bottom right page I used the Complement Make-A-Date 1  I hope you get to see some of these flying beauties in your yard today!!



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